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know the ways
of women.

- Japanese proverb

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The Women's Wisdom Collective is the culmination of many years of inspiration, work and collaboration between women from all over the world creating meaningful programmes over the past 20 years.

This initiative for co-creation, collaboration, healing and sharing is specifically created as a safe and nourishing space for women, to land and feel at home.

It is dedicated to the wellbeing and healing of all women for body, mind
and heart to offer empathy, care and support in an open-hearted
spirit of collaborative strength.

It is the life-blood of this Collective to work together and create a platform, a sanctuary to cultivate deeper compassion and kindness of shared insights to create more meaningful impact and embrace more wisdom from ancient traditions and contemporary applications for wellbeing and peace of mind.

A place where you can to get to know yourself better,
and connect to other like-minded women who are genuinely interested in
supporting each other and making our world a better place, together.

This space is a home where our hearts beat as one
yet our expressions may manifest differently and the
joy in the diversity and richness of that expression is so precious
as we all learn from each other,
grow and evolve together.

 Here we will learn more about uncovering our inner wisdom and activate
more self-healing, self-compassion and cultivate and awaken more
wisdom compassion to nourish others.

Six Qualities illustrated as a flower
Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche

The root is wisdom and stability.

The stem is principles and carefulness.

The branches are honesty and trustworthiness.

The leaves are appreciation and endeavouring to benefit others.

The flower is trust and generosity

The fruit is happiness and good reputation.

These are indispensable qualities for all human beings.

- Mid April 2021 -

Yoga Nidra
Powerful Rest

A 2-day nourishing immersive workshop
for Healing Rest,
Rejuvenation & Quality Sleep

By Red Lotus Projects

- Details to follow soon -

Collaborators are carefully selected
who embody the qualities of
compassion, kindness, generosity,
integrity, humility and strength
and who wish to support and nurture
others and each other,
and genuinely encourage each
other as women to thrive.

Our collaborators include individuals, charitable organisations /NPO's, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers and women often too shy to
step up by themselves - but together,
we are stronger and can share our
gifts with others generously.
In a safe space, we create a
harmonious platform for those
who care, have stories and wisdom to share,
and teach practical tools 
to live a more balanced, nourishing 
and fulfilling life.

Our deep passion is grounded in humanitarian outreach projects:

  • Himalayan refugees making shawls - purchased directly in India

  • Malas - Tiruvanamalai supporting a women's community & village initiative

  • Slovo Centre of Excellence Toy Library

  • Shwe Shwe gift bags made by local entrepreneur and sewing circle in South Africa


Founders Bio

Leigh Taylor (Sherab)
Red Lotus Retreats &
Sustainable Human Being

Leigh (Sherab) has been organising and facilitating bespoke women’s retreats and programmes since 2000. She spent most of her adult life studying Asian philosophy and therapeutic healing techniques for  20+ years in India and Nepal with Himalayan masters. Leigh is passionate about supporting women’s healing and wisdom practices, supporting those who struggle with chronic illness and burn-out. Her heart lies with NGO/NPO’s and women’s projects and she believes supportive safe circles for women are imperative. She founded Red Lotus Projects in 2014 in London and is developing her online platforms - Sustainable Human Being and the Women’s Collaborative Platform:

"Yoga nidra has been an invaluable aid to my wellbeing
and maintaining my health. resilience  and energy levels especially for pain management due to a long standing chronic
illness.  Coupled with meditation practice, it helps to sustain my inner peace, have better  energy and resilience, and
instil more clarity of mind.  My commitment is to share these time tested practices for more ease and a true sense of
holistic wellbeing for women of all ages as a method to soothe weary bodies and minds, and for women to self-clarify
more inner wisdom and compassion for self and others."

Leigh started her journey of inner development and exploring the rich intricate world of Eastern philosophy and meditation in the Himalayas where she lived in a simple hut for one year at the tender age of 19. 
She lived full time in India and Nepal for most of 15 years, 10 of those permanently with her partner, Justin. During this time she studied and practiced in Himalayan monasteries, universities and temples and worked at volunteer and refugee centres. Most of her time was spent in earnest cultivation of meditation practices and studying Asian philosophy under the guidance of great Himalayan masters whilst absorbed in undertaking extended periods of intensive meditation retreats.

Leigh was engaged in organising many retreats and large international events and gatherings during her decade of living in Asia. She was regularly contracted to share her expertise in her trade skill of graphic design for large printing projects including for the Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama and various established Tibetan organisations, Refugee and Human Rights groups in India and Africa. 

She is a qualified Life Coach, Yoga Nidra Facilitator with IYT, Meditation Guide, Mindfulness Facilitator and Indian Head Massage Therapist. She regularly collaborates with international events coordinators from Europe, Asia and Africa. She also has a qualification in Child Care Development and is dedicated to support education and trauma healing for children.

Leigh's heartfelt wish is to share more practices of holistic wellbeing to instil and integrate more inner peace and  inner harmony in everyday life especially for busy women.


Leigh understands the stresses and strains of modern pressurised life and apart from her extended time spent in India she also worked as the Events Manager for FGS in South Africa, (the largest international Taiwanese cultural organisation); contracted for Shell working on Environmental oil spill prevention in London, and was an invited speaker for the international women's movement called 'SheSpeaks' alongside Google in Amsterdam in mid 2018 where she guided mindfulness and yoga nidra events for women in corporate careers. She also facilitated wellness events for entrepreneurs at Escape the City, London, and Zoku for start-ups and staff wellness and Delite Labs for Syrian refugee entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. She organises the annual Soul Trader retreat in Portugal with Rasheed Ogunlaru, coach-speaker-author, for compassionate leaders with her partner.

Leigh is a seasoned expat who loves roots reggae, jazz, Indian classical music and exploring local living. She is a fanatical lover of plants, the ocean, trees and nature to restore wellbeing and to unwind. She is a passionate cook specialising in cooking nourishing vegan and vegetarian meals for retreatants and those recovering from illness. She is also an ardent student of ergonomic and sustainable eco-design. 


Leigh's heart lies in Humanitarian work and her most recent incentive is to support Nuraan Gain from Hunger has no Religion to raise funds to feed thousands of vulnerable people daily from Nuraan's  own home in Johannesburg and provide girls with feminine hygiene products and the elderly with blankets. They are also collaborating with Slovo Centre of Excellence to support the education and development of young children and promote the invaluable activity of learning through play for young children in impoverished areas in South Africa. 


Leigh currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile they are working on establishing a Meditation & Wellbeing Retreat Centre in South Africa on the breathtaking Garden Route with her husband, Justin who is a yoga teacher.
In South Africa they previously owned a mini-yoga studio and shop purveying fine imported Asian products whilst starting the foundation preparation for their Sustainable Human Being Retreats Centre. 


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