Reclaim and restore your vital energy.
Nourish soothe
body, mind and spirit with
 healing rest.

Awaken your innate compassionate wisdom.




Powerful Rest
with awareness




Holistic Wellbeing,
Clarity & Life Balance 

 Supporting you to reveal 
your own path to clarity

C.A.R.E. approach 
Compassionate Applied
Reflective Embodied

We offer supportive restorative programmes, workshops, courses
& immersive online experiences. 

Our offerings are presented in a joyful, compassionate
yet structured and accessible way.

- Programmes and sessions are suitable for all levels of participants - 

Our contemporary approach is rooted in ancient wisdom
practices that embrace various compassion
and healing techniques to integrate wellbeing
into every sphere of our lives. 


The Women's Healing Wisdom Collective is the culmination of many years of inspiration, work and collaboration between women from all over the world creating meaningful programmes
over the past 20 years.

This initiative for co-creation, collaboration, healing and sharing is 
specifically created as a safe and nourishing space for women, 
to land and feel at home.

It is dedicated to the wellbeing and healing of all
women for body, mind and heart to offer empathy,
care and support in an open-hearted
spirit of collaborative strength.

-Last weekend May 2021 -

Yoga Nidra
Powerful Rest

A 2-day nourishing immersive workshop online

for Healing Rest,
Rejuvenation & Quality Sleep


- Details to follow soon -

November 2020

The Wellbeing Experiment
A 10 Day Journey
for Restorative Sleep & Rest


A collaboration between
Pause to Breathe and The Bath Project

Speciality services:

  • Deep Powerful Rest & Awareness
    Yoga Nidra
     to nurture healing & soothing anxiety, chronic fatigue and supportive pain management

  • in conjunction with Restorative Sleep Programmes to help cultivate better quality nourishing sleep.

  • Holistic Coaching sessions for Wellbeing and Clarity

  • Calming & soothing Meditation methods Breath-work for greater Energy and Focus of mind


Powerful Rest

Yoga nidra for
when you don't
have much time

for self-care

We love supporting special grassroots humanitarian outreach projects:

  • Himalayan refugees making shawls - purchased directly in India

  • Slovo Centre of Excellence Toy Library

  • Malas - Tiruvanamalai supporting a women's community & village incentive

  • Shwe Shwe gift bags made by local entrepreneur and sewing circle in South Africa


Founder's Bio


Leigh (Sherab) has been organising and facilitating bespoke women’s retreats and programmes since 2000. She spent most of her adult life studying Asian philosophy and therapeutic healing techniques for the past 20+ years in India and Nepal with Himalayan masters. Leigh is passionate about supporting women’s healing and wisdom practices, supporting those who struggle with chronic illness and burn-out. Her heart lies with NGO/NPO’s and women’s projects and she believes that supportive safe circles for women are imperative. 
Leigh founded Red Lotus Projects in 2014 in London and is developing her online platforms - Sustainable Human Being and this Powerful Rest and Women’s collaborative platform:

Leigh Taylor (Sherab)
Red Lotus Retreats &
Sustainable Human Being

"Yoga nidra really is 'Powerful Rest'.  It has been an
invaluable method to aid to my own wellbeing and energy 

for maintaining my overall health, resilience and  improved energy levels and especially for pain management due to a longstanding chronic illness.  Coupled with meditation practice, it helps to sustain my inner peace, resilience, and to instil more clarity of mind.
The first time I was introduced to Yoga Nidra I was 10 years old and it left a lasting impression. Many years later I started practicing for my own healing benefit and I have made a firm commitment to share these time tested practices for more ease and a true sense of holistic wellbeing for women of all ages.  I believe this is a powerful method to soothe weary bodies and minds, and for women to self-clarify more intuitive wisdom and compassion for self and others."

Leigh started her journey of inner development and exploring the rich intricate world of Eastern philosophy and meditation in the Himalayas where she lived in a simple hut for one year at the tender age of 19. 
She lived full time in India and Nepal for most of 15 years, 10 of those permanently, with her partner, Justin. During this time she studied and practiced in Himalayan monasteries, universities, ashrams and temples. Leigh worked as a volunteer at refugee centres and in monasteries. Most of her time was spent in earnest cultivation of meditation practices and studying Buddhist philosophy under the guidance of great humble masters and she regularly spent extended periods in intensive meditation retreats and exploring India on many spiritual pilgrimages and crazy adventures. Now, living in the West it is essential to live with more mindful awareness and balancing life, work and the many demands and challenges of modern life. Especially when good health and mental tranquility is vital.

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